Graduation Project - Tears tell you more than words (Dutch: Tranen zeggen meer dan woorden)

My graduation project is about networked images. How do we read images and are we capable of understanding them?
In December 2011 images of thousands of North Korean people and their response to the death of leader, Kim Jong II spread across the news, all over the world. These images portrayed them as being inconsolable and overwhelmed by sadness. I personally was unable to empathise with this and it made me ask myself if this was real? Are these people scared? What is next? Will I ever be able to understand their situation?


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Will I ever understand?

The questions I had fascinated me, and so I began my visual exploration of emotions. The media plays a big part these days in the emotion culture, making it hard for us to see what is real and what is simulated. We live in a World where the news constantly seeks for more drama and where reality TV shows are seen to be an inspiration for the younger generation.

Misleading images

The media mislead it’s audience by using pictures out of context, and combining them with a few manipulated images. I am showing my point of view through the images used by the worlds biggest news agency Reuters for example. From this, I hope the reader will realize once again, that nothing is what it seems.

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